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The training was great and the timing couldn’t have been better! I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the Delta Force DC training before launching into my new role at CoreSite. Understanding the basic terminology, industry standards and the market reduced the amount of time it took for me to ramp up and be productive. The content was relevant and touring the data centers brought it all together for me. I would recommend this training to anyone that is new to the data center space.
Tracy McHugh
CoreSite - Director of Distribution Channel Sales
I came into the camp not knowing anything about this industry, I left with a solid understanding of the industry and I now have the ground work laid to be able to learn much more. Your passion for the industry kept me involved throughout the two days, so thank you for that!
Neal Stalker
CoreSite - Channel Sales Support Representative
Being relatively new to the Data Center, Colocation space, the training was a perfect combination of being informative and technical, and it was taught in a way that someone new or experienced could learn and comprehend.
Sarah Deatherage
Intelisys - Sr. Manager, Mountain Region
I’ve been in the colocation industry for 8 years + and can honestly say this is the best product/industry training I’ve seen. I’d strongly recommend that Telx implements this as part of our onboarding process for new hires. If I had had this experience in the beginning of my career, it could have eliminated my own personal learning curve. Even still, I came away from the session with a greater understanding of many aspects of our industry.
Marcy Mortensen-Warren
Telx - Channel Manager, West
Highly recommend this class to anyone in the data center industry, especially those in sales and marketing. It provided a very thorough coverage of the industry and gave me a better understanding. Sean provides a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the industry, making the class informative, entertaining in an environment that encourages information sharing and networking. A worthwhile experience regardless of industry experience!
Sandra Perin
Telx - Field Marketing Manager-West
Thanks for the training it, it was honestly great. Coming from a finance background I was worried that when I arrived to the boot camp, everything would be over my head. You really took the time to start from the beginning and effectively explain data centers from the top down. Although as a sales guy I am more interested in calculating costs of space an power, I found the entire course to be useful. I have a solid foundation in understanding the physical layout of the data center space, how it is powered, and how it is cooled.
David Gott
CoreSite Account Manager
The training itself took difficult information and simplified it. It covered everything that I basically had to figure out for myself over the last few years. It will be extremely useful in my next endeavor. I will highly recommend the training to any group that I am working with. I understand that data centers are a special "niche" and many out there are eager to learn about them.

Your book simplifies and covers everything. It will be a great reference for me to use as well.

It was good for me to see other data centers so that I could compare them. It's easy to get biased when working for one data center and not acknowledge that other data centers may be a better fit. I have a better perspective now.

I liked the training style and the feeling that you actually "cared" about us as people. Your "lunchtime" discussion of personality styles-specifically not "interrupting" and clarifying what you are hearing from others- is helping me in my current job search and in my personal life. I mean it when I say that your training and meeting you in person could not have come at a better time.
Heather Orr
Thank you for the valuable and insightful DeltaForceIT training. I must say, again, that I have never been in an industry focused training that covered the history, scope and core sales knowledge the way you did within a short 2 day training. Nice work!
Erich Kaiser
Director of Sales - CoreSite
It's a thorough and honest overview of today's commercial data center marketplace. As a relative newcomer to the industry, I thought the material was really helpful. Sean explained fundamental concepts in simple and clear terms which made the more advanced material easier to understand. The highlight is the tour of data centers - it made the training very real and relevant to my role as an analyst of the commercial data center marketplace. Thanks!
Kaushik Mukerjee
This was completely a transformational event for me. Not only did OSI take the time to explain all of the technical components inside the walls of a Data Center, Sean and team armed me with relevant sales strategies that enabled me to hit the ground running with my sales force! I would recommend this course for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of Data Center products and services. I feel absolutely privileged to be able to leverage an expert resource like OSI for all my future deals.
Santino Cattaneo
Bear Telecom Solutions, Carrier Neutral Telecom Providers